Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Fun

My pumpkin was wonderfully scary!
But now it is fuzzy and hairy!

It was spooky in its prime.
Now it's a pile of slime!

Perhaps you can tell - I'm under a spell.

It is the Curse of the Halloween Verse!!!!!


Wishing you many bad rhymes
at this dark and witchy time.


Check out the kid friendly Halloween joke clip put together by the Eugene Gregory students just for you!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Procrastination and Poetry

Music is great, music is fun. 
But music is even better when we are one! 
So put on your shoes and flip that frown,
'Cause family fun is happening downtown.

So began a poem I found in the present I unwrapped this Christmas. It was a gift from my children. The hand-written poem went on to say they had purchased tickets to a Glen Hansard concert for myself, my husband, and our 3 children. I was thrilled.  Thrilled with the gift and thrilled with the poem. Poetical gifts have become a tradition in our family. My children have been receiving wrapped poems since they were very young. To be honest, it wasn’t because I was clever or wanted to inspire their creative juices. It was simply because I’m a procrastinator. You see, despite my good intentions, I often found myself realizing that the gift I purchased online was not going to arrive in time for Christmas. So, feeling like a bad mother, my guilt drove me to write poetry. Somehow I felt that if my children learned that their gift was late through rhyming, funny words, they would be happy and overlook the fact that the gift they just unwrapped had nothing but paper inside. Surprisingly, it often worked. And now, many years later, it is almost expected that someone will get a poem for Christmas. This year I was the lucky one! So, if you find yourself without a gift, pull out a rhyming dictionary and write a silly, awesome, or perhaps awful poem. Trust me, the gift receiver will remember your poetical gift long after they use the gift you eventually give them. You may be asking yourself; does Diane realize that the holidays are over? You my think I’ve procrastinated in writing this blog post. And you’d be right. But I will try to get out being late with a delightful poem. Please see below and enjoy!

The holidays are over, the time has come
To put away gifts and clean up each crumb.

But as occasions arise in the upcoming year
Consider a poem to bring loved ones good cheer.

They’ll smile and they’ll laugh at your silly attempt
To cover your lateness and lack of present.

But the gift of your words and the gift of your time
Will be loved by all as a cherished rhyme!

So I hope you’ll enjoy this belated blog post
I wrote it for you cause I love you the most!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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